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Established since 2013

Number One PR Communication Ltd specializes in the luxury lifestyle market

We are the firm that local movers and shakers turn to when they want to stand out in the crowd; the group that international brands and companies look to when they want to make a splash in the region; the guest list that everyone wants to be on.

    Number One PR has successfully launched, rebuilt and repositioned brands from a variety of sectors and industries

    All born out of the idea that life is meant to be enjoyed. We have delivered world-class PR initiatives and events that raise our client’s profile, deliver on their business objectives and surpass their expectations.


    We are passionate about connecting our clients with the media and their target consumers

    We believe each of our clients are unique in their needs and only through the execution of tailor-made professional public relations and promotional campaigns, can allow them to remain compatible in the highly competitive marketplace these days.

      PR is a work in progress, and at Number One PR we take that seriously

      We want our clients to be recognised year-round, year after year. Our relationship with media and Hong Kong’s elite allow us to manage our client’s image on a regular basis, giving companies the opportunity for exposure and positive publicity to strengthen their image and business.


      In depth knowledge on the public relations and communications philosophies

      Creative mind, innovative approach and efficient communication skills are just some of the public relations and marketing skills of our well-trained and professional account servicing team.

        We understand our clients

        With a history of communicating with clients to articulate the right message in words and events, Numberone PR is about learning your brand, offering advice based on our experience and turning your business into the talk-of-the-town.